budząc się i nie wiedząc, czy ktoś przy mnie leży,
nie poszukując nikogo, nie sprawdzając, czekam
aż się ze zgiełku ciemności wynurzy
ręka i dotknie, nawet jeśli bywasz
niemożliwie daleko, poza granicami
rozsądku, upiornie na zewnątrz,
to tak się stanie, bo tak się stawało
zawsze (…)


Christian Lemmerz - Private Pieces, 1985

Anonim asked: do you consider yourself as a feminist?


is water wet? do planets revolve around the sun? does david lynch like coffee? these and more questions will be answered in the next episode of “wake up brother, it’s anno domini 2 thousand fucking 14”


meet me in a bathtub in the middle of a field

jack smith

kołyszmy się lepiej na łodydze chwil pijmy wiatr patrzmy jak zachodzą nam oczy


The Humble Items That Can Feed an Entire African Family

Ask anyone where the produce in their fridge came from and they’ll probably tell you the name of a supermarket. The literal and figurative distance between farmers and the consumers who rely upon them is more than any localvore app or neighborhood co-op can hope to change. It’s easy to forget the crucial human link in the supply chain from farm to market. Jackie Nickerson’s Terrain series aims to make that link. (…) It’s about the relationship between people and their working environment and the hybrid that is created by the physical contact with what they work with, she says. The daily grind where movements must be repeated thousands and thousands of times over. It creates a deep familiarity with the tools and materials they are working with–earth, landscapes, plants, plastics.
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    Kafka trying to hit on girl

  • Kafka: I'm embarrassed because I desire you
  • Girl: Get lost
  • Kafka: I'm already lost in a world full of bureaucracy, i feel like a gigantic cockroaches and my father doesn't like me


A boy holding a bunch of flowers and a wreath in his hair, standing in a field of poppies.


eleanor davis

sally mann, from early works

Title: na całych jeziorach ty
Artist: nosowska
Played: 28 times


nastya kaletkina